It’s happened to all of us. We try to adjust our blinds, louvers or other privacy glass solution, and the mechanisms get jammed, tangled or otherwise malfunction.

While an irritation in normal conditions, jamming malfunctions can be a major disruption in healthcare environments where patient monitoring and privacy have more critical implications.

For example:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements for doctor-patient privacy are an increasingly important consideration for healthcare facilities and designers. From a legal standpoint, greater visual privacy also helps protect healthcare workers from inadvertently breaching patient privacy regulations. Therefore, privacy solutions need to be jam-proof and reliably functional at all times.
  • Patients with impaired privacy who feel exposed and susceptible will have greater stress and anxiety. This hampers the healing process. From patient examination rooms to ICUs to recovery areas, patients need optimally efficient privacy solutions at a time when they can be most vulnerable.
  • A lack of privacy has been proven to interfere with treatment as well. Patients have admitted to withholding aspects of their medical history or refusing physical examinations when they have concerns regarding their privacy. This reinforces the need for properly effective privacy controls.
  • Healthcare/nursing staff need to easily and immediately monitor a patient to quickly identify any issues. If a privacy solution jams or is otherwise faulty, this can impede their ability to respond as promptly as required.
  • Bright artificial lights can also be a deterrent to healing. Patients need to sleep to bolster healing. Bright lights seeping in from corridors, nursing stations and other adjacent rooms due to malfunctioning privacy solutions can significantly impact a patient’s rest.

Having a privacy solution that ensures worry-free and jam-proof operation is clearly a must for designers, facility managers and specifiers.

Our Vision Control® integrated louvers – hermetically sealed glass units combining louvers within glass that ensure optimal control of vision, daylight, heat and sound –provide the following jam-proof control options:

Thumbwheel controls are self-reversing, suitable for limited space applications and accessible for one or both sides. These are also ADA-compliant.

Crank handle controls are very easy to use, self-reversing, accessible from both sides and suitable for most applications. These are also ADA-compliant.

Aluminum knobs are streamlined, self-reversing, come with one or two-sided controls that are ideal for sliding doors. These are also ADA-compliant.

Anti-ligature knobs are sleek, come with self-reversing controls and are typically used in mental health facilities.

Remote controls are fast, precise, remote controllable and typically come with timer/sun sensor options. These controls are ideal for multiple panel and hard-to-reach installations.

It is important to note that ‘self-reversing’ control capabilities mean that after reaching the closed position, the user can continue operating the control mechanism in the same direction without fear of breaking the mechanism.  The louvers will simply reopen thanks to the internal self-reversing mechanism.  This is true for both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

All these jam-proof and ease-of-use benefits ensure that healthcare facilities can manage their privacy requirements with optimal effectiveness and reliability.

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