We just published an industry white paper, “Managing Daylight and Energy with Integrated Louvers”, that examines the benefits and mechanics of designing with integrated louvers for the vastly improved control of daylight, heat, privacy and sound.

It’s clear the sun can be a powerful force and needs to be managed for optimal thermal and daylighting results. Architects today are moving away from the inefficient design approaches that have traditionally guided building design. Growing trends toward energy efficiency, improved working and living environments, and the desire for more recognizable buildings has led architects to increasingly consider daylighting as a key element of a building’s design.

Integrated louvers are insulating glass units incorporating cord-free, extruded aluminum louvers inside the airspace cavity to provide the ideal daylighting or privacy solution for commercial, residential, educational, healthcare or institutional environments. Large amounts of energy – up to 75 percent – can be saved by using well-designed lighting controls that take advantage of the natural light available. Integrated louvers lend themselves well to daylighting design as they are proven to reduce energy consumption, maximize natural light benefits, control solar heat gain, ensure acoustical performance and reduce maintenance requirements.

Download Managing Daylight and Energy with Integrated Louvers”.