When specifying glazing solutions for vision, sound, light and heat control, architects and designers often come down to a choice between integrated louvers and integrated blinds. While the solutions share many similarities, they also have very distinct qualities and strengths that need to be considered to get the best design results.

To help specifiers, Unicel just published an industry white paper entitled: “Integrated Louvers VS. Integrated Blinds – Picking the Right Privacy and Shading Solution for Your Design Project”.

This white paper tackles the differences and advantages of each solution and how these factor into a building’s specific privacy and shading requirements. It closely examines functional needs – like thermal efficiencies, sound attenuation, adjustable visibility and more – to assess the optimal values of each solution. It further delves into the unique needs of building types (i.e. hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, commercial buildings etc.) to ascertain a preferred design approach.

Download the white paper